Apple brings roadside assistance via satellite on iPhone 14, 15 in US

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Apple has brought roadside assistance via satellite feature on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15, or iPhone 15 Pro devices for users in the US. Users can text for roadside assistance when they are off the grid with no cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. “If you need help with car trouble while off the grid — for example, if you’re locked out, have a flat tire, or run out of fuel or charge — you can contact a roadside service provider via satellite to request roadside assistance,” Apple wrote on its support page. “To connect to a satellite with your iPhone, you need to be outside with a clear view of the sky and horizon. When you use a satellite connection, the experience is different than sending or receiving a message via cellular,” it added.

To use this feature, iPhone users need iOS 17 or later to connect to AAA for roadside assistance or iOS 17.2 or later and a Verizon SIM to connect to Verizon for roadside assistance. To request roadside assistance via satellite on your device, go to Messages, tap the New Message button to start a conversation, and then in the address field, type “Roadside”.

When you’re off the grid with no cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, you’ll see the option to request roadside assistance via satellite. Now tap “roadside assistance” and follow the onscreen instructions to connect to a satellite and request help. In addition, the company mentioned that international travellers who visit the US can use the feature while visiting, except if they bought their iPhone in certain countries or regions.

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