Major provider zaps electric car owners with higher rates

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Evie, one of Australia’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging providers, is increasing pricing across its network.

From January 18, 2024, the cost to charge using one of its plugs will increase by up to 42 per cent.

Its 22kW chargers have seen the greatest price increase, from 35c to 50c per kWh.

Its 50kW fast chargers now cost 58c per kWh to use, up from 50c, while its 150kW super-fast charger price has risen from 60c per kWh to 68c.

Finally, its 350kW ultra-fast chargers now cost 73c per kWh, up from 65c.

Evie says that with the updated pricing, a typical charging session – which it defines as 25kWh of energy delivered – will cost approximately $2 more.

It says the price increases have been “driven by [its] commitment to investing in a top-notch, reliable and expansive charging network across the country”.

In the past 12 months, it has added 100 new sites. It now has over 200 sites nationwide, with chargers in every state and territory, and plans to grow its network further.

It has also made it easier to use its chargers by starting a trial of a new Tap & Go payment option, wherein customers can pay for their session with either a credit or debit card – though they’ll pay slightly more per kWh for the convenience.

Evie is initially testing this new payment option at five sites across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

The company hasn’t confirmed new post-January 18 Tap & Go rates.

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