Sheldon Cooper-Approved Foods to Enjoy While Re-Watching The Big Bang Theory

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If you are a fan of the popular TV series ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ then there must be something you like about the eccentric protagonist, Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist by profession who has an organizational structure for everything in his daily routine, with a tedious logic behind every plan. The same applies to his food-Sheldon has a fixed order of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every day of the week. Monday is ‘Thai Food Night’, Tuesday is ‘Burger Night’ at The Cheesecake Factory, Thursday is ‘Pizza Night’ [Except for the third Thursday of every month, which is ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday’], and Friday is ‘Chinese Food Night’. The entire group ends up following Sheldon’s schedule, even after sometimes trying to get out of it, in vain.

Since Sheldon is a picky guy, we decided to single out 5 foods he approves of, which you can enjoy as fans while re-watching this classic show. You might hear him saying, “Perhaps there is hope for you.”

Here Are 5 Foods Approved By Sheldon Lee Cooper From ‘The BBT’:

1. Pizza

Sheldon loves eating pizza so much that Thursday nights are Pizza nights, apart from every third Thursday of the month, when the guys have ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday.’ Pizza is Sheldon’s favourite shape of food – “a circle made of triangles served in a square box.” Sheldon’s pizza topping includes black olives, mushrooms, and sausage.

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2. Spaghetti With Hot Dogs Cut Up in It

This recipe was invented by Sheldon’s mother, Mary, and is one of his favourite dishes. This dish features in both ‘Young Sheldon’ as well as ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Amy also cooks this dish for Sheldon to make him more interested in Date Nights.

3. Tea

Sheldon does not drink coffee or energy drinks (unless the situation is critical, such as working on a Government project or waiting for a call for a Nobel Prize), but is a big fan of tea – a warm, comforting beverage he also offers to anyone upset. He stocks a variety of tea bags in his kitchen, such as Earl Gray, Green tea, and Lemon Zinger.

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4. Tangerine Chicken

Sheldon likes Chinese food, as long as it is not a part of Asian fusion food. In this cuisine, he likes to eat Tangerine Chicken from the Szechuan Palace. However, he doubts that they are passing off Orange Chicken as Tangerine Chicken, and even tries to learn Mandarin so that he can confront them about it. For the unversed, Tangerine Chicken tastes fresh and spicy; on the other hand, Orange Chicken tastes sweet and sour.

5. Kadhai Paneer

Sheldon also likes eating Indian cuisine, one of his favourite dishes being Kadhai Paneer. He enjoys this curry when he is eating by himself, as his friends cannot eat this dish. Explaining the dish to Penny, Sheldon says, “Not only is it Indian cuisine, which Koothrappali loathes, it contains a generous helping of peanuts, which would reduce Wolowitz to a wheezing 97-pound blister. And finally, its main ingredient is Paneer, a farmer’s cheese which would cause Leonard to render any room uninhabitable within minutes.”

Which of these Sheldon Cooper-approved foods are on the list of your favourite foods? Tell us in the comments.

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