The New York City Style of Mayor Eric Adams

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In past interviews, the mayor has claimed to be a Men’s Warehouse and Century 21 shopper; as Brooklyn borough president, a less-svelte Mr. Adams favored boxy, off-the-rack silhouettes, his fashion sense appearing to amplify on the campaign trail, culminating with a new ear piercing to commemorate his first day in office.

“Mayor Adams always dresses for the event or the circumstances: whether that means wearing a polo shirt, a suit, a windbreaker, or another piece of clothing that fits the occasion,” Fabien Levy, a spokesman for the mayor, said in an email. “Mayor Adams grew up and remains true to his blue-collar roots no matter the color of the collar on his shirt tomorrow.”

Other mayors have been fashion plates, from the dandy style of 1920s Jimmy Walker to the restrained bow ties of David Dinkins. In past interviews, Mr. Adams has pushed back against scrutiny of his sartorial taste as racially motivated, citing similar criticism of Mr. Dinkins’s style at the time.

Drawn more broadly from photos of the mayor during the course of his administration, The Times identified at least 24 different suits or suit jackets in his collection. They range from a floral number available at Walmart to a custom three-piece suit from a Manhattan-based brand called BMC. (Brandon Murphy, the designer, declined to say its price, or whether the mayor had paid, citing customer privacy.) Most of these suits he accessorizes with pocket squares in shades of white and blue or a pop of mauve and a bracelet of dark stones from Asia and Africa he has described in interviews as a gift from supporters.

Mr. Levy, the mayor’s spokesman, declined to provide the number of suits, jackets, ties and pocket squares in the mayor’s collection. He noted that since adopting a vegetarian diet, Mr. Adams has lost considerable weight, requiring new clothes. Along with a handful of custom pieces, the mayor wears suits from DKNY, Cole Haan, John Varvatos and Suit Supply, tweaked by tailors to fit his physique.

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