Watch: Indian Parents Use Flashlights To Read Menu In A Fancy Restaurant

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In the realm of upscale dining, many classy restaurants opt for low lighting to create a sophisticated and intimate ambience. The subtle glow of dim lights contributes to an elegant atmosphere, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. However, this aesthetic choice comes with a trade-off – the subdued lighting, while aesthetically pleasing, can make it challenging for diners to fully see and appreciate the details of the menu. In a viral video, an influencer shared her experience at a “fancy” restaurant where she was accompanied by her Indian parents, and they had to resort to using their phone flashlights to read the menu due to the low light setting. The caption accompanying the short clip humorously read, “Need this kinda confidence in my life. The highlight is my mom supporting him with that flashlight.” 
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Watch the video here:

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People in the comments resonated with the Indian couple’s struggle, expressing their shared confusion about why restaurants choose such dim lighting. 

A user said, “I have worked in hospitality and I simply do not understand the concept of low lighting while eating. You need to see your food clearly before eating.”

Another wrote, “What’s wrong with this? Why keep the light so dim? People can’t even read it.”

A person quipped, “Mother is discreetly telling the restaurant folks to brighten their lights.”

A few jokingly said that the restaurant did this to “save electricity bill.”

“It’s to create a relaxed ambience. Indians who sold fields and upgraded lifestyles won’t understand. Money can’t buy you class,” read a comment. 

What do you think about dim lighting in fancy restaurants? Is it required?

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