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Fasting-like diet could slow the aging process, study suggests: ‘Living longer and healthier’

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Could adopting a fasting-like diet help slow down aging?

That’s the claim of researchers from the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology in Los Angeles, who led a study on the benefits of a “fasting-mimicking diet” (FMD).

In addition to reducing biological age and immune system aging, the diet was linked to reductions in insulin resistance and liver fat, according to a press release from the university.


The findings, published in Nature Communications on Feb. 20, were based on clinical trials that included 100 men and women between 18 and 70 years old.

Half of the group was randomly assigned to the FMD, adhering to the diet for five days followed by 25 days of normal eating for three or four cycles.

A fasting-mimicking diet was found to reduce biological age and immune system aging, as well as insulin resistance and liver fat, in a new study. (iStock)

The control group ate either a normal diet or a Mediterranean-style diet.

The people in the FMD group showed decreased abdominal and liver fat, as well as reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


Those on the experimental diet also showed signs of a more youthful immune system.

Overall, the FMD adopters’ biological age was reduced by an average of 2.5 years based on the functioning of their cells and tissues, the researchers found.

Drinking tea

In the USC study, the fasting-mimicking diet included energy bars, plant-based soups, chip snacks, energy drinks and tea. (iStock)

“I think it is surprising that three cycles of the FMD done for only five days a month (15 days total) — which allow people to have modified/low calorie but regular meals and without changing the normal diet of the participants for the rest of the month — can have such an effect on biological age, body fat and a range of disease risk factors,” senior author Valter Longo, USC Leonard Davis School Professor, told Fox News Digital.


If the cycles were continued for three cycles a year for 20 years, Longo projected that the FMD could reduce biological age by 11 years and reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 10% to 30%. 

“However, these are only simulations — and additional studies are necessary to confirm this potential of the FMD cycles,” he added.

Energy drinks

Half of the group was randomly assigned to the FMD, adhering to the diet for five days followed by 25 days of normal eating for three or four cycles. (iStock)

Prior studies in mice have identified additional benefits of the FMD, including reduced risk of age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, Vongo pointed out.

The diet has been previously to reduced chemo side effects, greater stem cell regeneration and reduced signs of dementia, the release stated.

What is the fasting-mimicking diet?

Originally developed by Longo, the FMD is a five-day diet that is low in overall calories, protein and carbohydrates and high in unsaturated fat.

The eating plan is designed to mimic a pure fast while still allowing consumption of essential nutrients.


“The fasting-mimicking diet (FMD), also known as the ProLon Diet, has been around for approximately seven years and has been studied in multiple clinical trials,” Erin Palinski-Wade, a New Jersey-based registered dietitian, told Fox News Digital.

“By following a structured, very low-calorie nutrition plan for five days, the goal is to provide the benefits of a prolonged fast while still allowing individuals to eat,” said Palinski-Wade, who was not involved in the USC study.

“The diet is designed to transition the body into a fasting state while nourishing it with specific nutrients to avoid activating food-sensing pathways.”

Woman reaches for water glass near bed

“[The diet] allows for physical, biological and epigenetic benefits without the need for prolonged water-only fasts,” an expert said.  (iStock)

In the USC study, the fasting-mimicking diet included energy bars, plant-based soups, chip snacks, energy drinks and tea, according to the release. 

The FMD group also received a supplement with “high levels of minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.”

The specific diet that was tested in the two trials is commercially available, but Longo said that university rules prevent him from sharing the name of the product.

“In an era obsessed with superficial youth and quick fixes, the fasting-mimicking diet offers a tangible method to systematically reverse aging and enhance metabolic health.”

“I think it is important to begin to consider the plant-based FMD intervention described here for two to three times a year as a way to prevent and treat some diseases, together with the right type of drugs,” Longo said. 

This could aid in “returning to full health and living longer and healthier, rather than continuing to take progressively more drugs as we age,” he added.

For people aiming to prevent or treat diseases through the use of an FMD, Longo said people should first talk to a doctor.

Other experts weigh in on the diet

Melanie Avalon, an Atlanta-based health influencer who hosts “The Intermittent Fasting Podcast,” was not involved in the study, but noted that the research provides “solid data” on how dietary and lifestyle changes affect the aging process.

“Our society’s fascination with youth and longevity is well-known; however, measuring progress and biological improvements is often subjective,” she told Fox News Digital. 

Woman meal plan

While fasting is often pursued for its visible weight loss benefits, an expert noted that this study highlights its extended benefits for metabolic health. (iStock)

“The concept of ‘chronological age’ can mislead when assessing the body’s aging rate and predicting lifespan,” Avalon went on. 

“For the first time, this study reveals that a fasting-mimicking diet can reduce one’s biological age.”

While traditional fasting can be daunting for some, FMD can be a more feasible alternative.

“It allows for physical, biological and epigenetic benefits without the need for prolonged water-only fasts,” she said. 


While fasting is often pursued for its visible weight loss benefits, Avalon noted that this study highlights FMD’s extended benefits for metabolic health.

“In an era obsessed with superficial youth and quick fixes, the fasting-mimicking diet offers a tangible method to systematically reverse aging and enhance metabolic health,” she said.

“Unlike the costly and extreme measures of ‘biohacking,’ the FMD provides an accessible and practical solution to reduce biological age.”

Potential risks and limitations

Tanya Freirich, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Charlotte, North Carolina, who practices as The Lupus Dietitian, cautioned that she would not recommend the fasting-mimicking diet to any person who has struggled with an eating disorder in the past or who has trouble controlling their blood sugar.

“Restricting and changing eating patterns may have negative effects,” she said. 

Woman eating healthy

The fasting-mimicking diet could aid in “returning to full health and living longer and healthier, rather than continuing to take progressively more drugs as we age,” the study author said. (iStock)

Palinski-Wade agreed that those with underlying health conditions should speak to their physician before considering a restrictive diet plan. 

“A very low-calorie diet may not be appropriate for those with uncontrolled diabetes, a history of hypoglycemia, a history of disordered eating, or those who are pregnant or nursing,” she said.

Before making any dietary changes, Freirich stressed the need for “extensive education” to be provided.


“While changing the timing and amount of our food intake is an approach worth examining, it is also important to remember to choose health-promoting foods daily,” the dietitian continued. 

“The food choices we make daily have a large impact on our weight, blood sugars, heart health, immune system and more. If fasting doesn’t feel like the right choice for you, speaking with a registered dietitian about the dietary changes for your health is always recommended.”


Before making any dietary changes, a nutritionist (not pictured) told Fox News Digital that people need “extensive education” to be provided. (iStock)

The study had some limitations, both dietitians noted.

“It was a small sample size of healthy young-ish individuals,” Freirich said. “The results may be helpful and useful for other people after more research is completed in a larger age range and including people with other medical concerns.”  


Palinski-Wade reiterated that the studies on FMD have included smaller sample sizes of generally healthy adults, which means the results cannot be generalized to all populations.

“FMD may offer promising benefits and may be an excellent tool to consider for those looking to improve long-term health and reduce future disease risk, but more research is needed on larger and more diverse populations to fully understand the benefits it may offer,” she added.

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Mrunal Thakur Welcomes “Mango Season” By Embarking On A Kacchi Kairi Feast

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Mrunal Thakur was eagerly waiting for the summer. Why, you ask? To tantalise her taste buds with the tangy-sweet flavour of kacchi kairi aka raw mangoes. Taking a nostalgic dive into her childhood, Mrunal Thakur took to her Instagram stories and dropped a video of herself relishing kacchi kairi slices. She shared the happy news with her fans and declared that “the mango season is back.” Addressing her Delhi fanbase, Mrunal Thakur said, “Delhi waalon, agar tum logon ne kairi nahi khayi toh kya khayee? (Delhi people, if you guys did not eat raw mangoes, then what did you eat?). 

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The Sita Ramam actress demonstrated how to have raw mangoes the correct way and we were all ears. First, Mrunal took out one of the sliced pieces from a bowl. Next, she dipped the piece into some chilli powder masala, coupled with a “little bit of salt.” And voila, the treat was ready. Right after taking a bite of the masala-coated kairi slice, Mrunal Thakur entered into a happy food coma as the zesty taste hit her. Her delightful expressions served as proof. “This is childhood, adulthood, lifehood,” admitted the actress. We simply agreed.

Mrunal Thakur is an ardent foodie who often drops her culinary ventures on social media. Earlier, the actress showcased her love for home-cooked meals via Instagram Stories. The “simple” and healthy meal featured a fine display of an array of desi food items arranged on a traditional banana leaf. It included fried cauliflower sabzi, two golden-brown puris, and a bowl of rice. Additionally, one vessel contained plain yellow dal. To top it all off, another bowl had a special Indian sweet dish — angoori rasamalai. A lemon slice with a glass of water completed the lip-smacking meal.  Read all about it here.

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Mrunal Thakur proved that she is one of us by resorting to a plate of aloo paratha and a bowl of yoghurt, not so long ago. After all, who can resist the delectable taste of this staple breakfast dish that is also a household favourite? “Crispy aloo paratha before the hectic schedule. Home,” read the caption of her Instagram story. 

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We hope Mrunal Thakur takes us on another gastronomical journey soon.

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China, Switzerland reach broad consensus at foreign ministers' meeting

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<img src='' alt='Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with Swiss Federal Councillor and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis in Beijing, China, February 7, 2024. /CGTN'

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday met with visiting Swiss Federal Councilor and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis in Beijing. The two sides reached a “broad consensus” through the third round of the China-Switzerland Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, applauded China-Switzerland relations in their meeting, saying since the establishment of diplomatic ties 74 years ago, the two countries have stood the test of the international situation and explored a successful path featuring equality, innovation and mutual benefit, which is of exemplary significance for China’s relations with Western countries. 

China is ready to work with Switzerland to open up new prospects for their innovative strategic partnership, Wang added.

For his part, Cassis expressed his pleasure to visit China before the Spring Festival and wished the Chinese people a happy Year of the Dragon. He said that Switzerland, one of the first Western countries to recognize and develop relations with China, firmly adheres to the one-China policy, adopts a positive attitude toward China and is willing to carry out candid exchanges and cooperation with China regardless of the two states’ differences.

Cassis pledged to work with China to deepen cooperation in various fields and jointly push for further development of the Switzerland-China innovative strategic partnership and mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.

The two sides had in-depth communication on strategic mutual trust, practical cooperation, people-to-people exchanges and multilateral coordination and reached a broad consensus.

Both agreed to work together to implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, continue to respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, respect each other’s choice of system and development path, and consolidate the political foundation of bilateral relations.

The two sides will continue to make good use of multiple inter-governmental dialogue and cooperation mechanisms to deepen cooperation in finance, science and innovation, education, intellectual property rights, climate change, green development, and ice and snow sports.

The two sides expressed satisfaction with the completion of the joint feasibility study on upgrading the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and agreed to launch the formal FTA upgrade negotiations as soon as possible. Wang introduced China’s positive measures to comprehensively promote Chinese modernization and high-level opening up, hoping that the Swiss side will provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese enterprises. Cassis appreciated China’s spirit of openness, saying that Switzerland has always supported free trade and opposed protectionism.

The two sides will jointly prepare for the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties in 2025 and the “China-Switzerland Year of Culture and Tourism” to enhance people-to-people exchanges. Cassis spoke highly of China’s visa-free treatment for Switzerland, saying that Switzerland warmly welcomes Chinese tourists and will provide more visa facilitation for Chinese citizens and Chinese enterprises investing in Switzerland.

The two sides will continue to support the central role of the United Nations in international affairs and step up multilateral communication and coordination. The Swiss side appreciated China’s important role in international affairs and said it is willing to strengthen cooperation with China to jointly tackle global challenges. The Chinese side said that China stands ready to work with Switzerland to promote the development of the international order in a more just and equitable direction.

The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern.

Cole Brauer Takes Followers on Solo Sailing Race Around the World

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Video dinner parties, spa days, stuffed animals, favorite hoodies and cozy, colorful fleece blankets. Cole Brauer’s Instagram feed hardly feels like the work of someone racing a 40-foot sailboat around the world in the Global Solo Challenge. But Ms. Brauer, 29, is not an average ocean racer.

In 2022, Ms. Brauer had tried out for another competition, the Ocean Race, which is considered the pinnacle of professional ocean racing. Sailors in that race are highly trained, wear matching foul weather gear and have corporate sponsors. And most of them are men. Ms. Brauer, who had sailed thousands of miles on high performance ocean racing boats, felt she was ready to join their ranks.

But after competing in trials in France, Ms. Brauer was told she was “too short for the Southern Ocean” and was sent on her way.

In spite of her small stature — she stands 5 feet 1 inch — Ms. Brauer rounded Cape Horn, Chile, on Jan. 26, the last of the three great capes of her journey to finish the Global Solo Challenge. It is a feat most of the Ocean Race sailors picked instead of her have never even attempted. And despite being the youngest competitor in the race, she is ranked second overall, just days away from reaching the finish line in A Coruña, Spain.

Along the way, her tearful reports of breakages and failures, awe-struck moments during fiery sunrises, dance parties and “shakas” signs at the end of each video have garnered her a following that has eclipsed any sailor’s or sailing event’s online, even the Ocean Race and the America’s Cup, a prestigious race that is more well known by mainstream audiences.

“I’m so happy to have rounded the Horn,” Ms. Brauer said in a video call from her boat, First Light, after a morning spent sponging out endless condensation and mildew from its bilges. “It feels like Day 1. I feel reborn knowing I’ll be in warmer weather. The depression you feel that no one in the world can fix that. Your house is trying to sink and you can’t stop it.”

Shifting gears, she added, “It’s all getting better.”

Ms. Brauer’s rise in popularity — she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram — has come as a surprise to her, but her achievements, combined with her bright personality, have struck a chord. And she has set a goal of using her platform to change the image of professional ocean sailing.

“Cole wants to prove you can go around the world and watch Netflix every once in a while and wear your pajamas,” said Lydia Mullan, Ms. Brauer’s media manager. “As for her mental health, she’s really creating a space in her routine for herself, to create that joy she hasn’t seen in other sailors.”

Four months after she began the Global Solo Challenge, a solo, nonstop race around the world featuring sailboats of different sizes, Ms. Brauer is holding strong. Sixteen sailors began the journey and only eight remain on the ocean, with the Frenchman Philippe Delamare having finished first on Feb. 24 after 147 days at sea.

Ms. Brauer, who was more than a week ahead of her next closest competitor as of Thursday morning, is on track to set a speed record for her boat class, and to be the first American woman to complete a solo, nonstop sailing race around the world.

Ms. Brauer has been happy to turn the image of a professional sailor on its head. Competitors in the Ocean Race and the America’s Cup tend to pose for static social media posts with their arms crossed high on their chests, throwing stern glares. Ms. Brauer would rather be more comfortable.

She brought objects like fleece blankets on her journey, despite the additional weight, and said solo sailing has helped give her the freedom to be herself.

“Without those things I would be homesick and miserable,” she said of her supply list. “We need comfort to be human. Doing my nails. Flossing. It’s hard for the general public to reach pro sailors. People stop watching. If you treat people below you, people stop watching.”

Other female sailors have noticed the same disconnect. “The year I did the Vendée Globe, Michel Desjoyeaux didn’t mention that anything went wrong,” Dee Caffari, a mentor of Ms. Brauer’s who has sailed around the world six times, said of that race’s winner. “Then we saw his jobs list after the finish and we realized he was human.”

Ms. Brauer, as her social media followers can attest, is decidedly human.

They have gotten used to her “hangout” clothes and rock-out sessions. Her team produces “Tracker Tuesdays,” where a weather forecaster explains the routes Ms. Brauer chooses and why she uses different sails, and “Shore Team Sunday,” where team members are introduced.

“In the beginning I looked at what she was doing, posting about washing her knickers in bucket and I was like, ‘No! What are you doing?’” Ms. Caffari said. “I’ve been so professional and corporate in my career. She’s been so authentic and taken everyone around the world with her. Cole is that next generation of sailor. They tell their story in a different way and it’s working.”

Ms. Brauer was introduced to sailing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Those days of casual racing on the turquoise waters of Kaneohe Bay informed her vision of an inclusive sailing community. That image was shattered when she came to the mainland to try her hand at professional sailing.

“When I came to the East Coast it was so closed off,” she said of those early experiences. “I couldn’t get a job in the industry. Pro sailors were jaded. They didn’t want anyone to take their job. It’s a gig-based economy. Competition, we’re pinned against each other, especially women in high-performance sailing since there are fewer of us.”

“This whole process of being a pro sailor over the past five years, I feel mentally punched in the face and my legs kicked out from under me,” she added. “I screamed and I cried. Without those experiences I wouldn’t be as mentally tough. It made me callused.”

A big break happened when she landed a gig as boat captain for Michael Hennessy’s successful Class40 Dragon. The boat was a perfect platform to hone her ocean sailing skills as she ripped up and down the East Coast delivering it to races, often alone, pushing Dragon to its limits. Her Instagram posts of those adventures drew attention, and she was invited to tryout for the Ocean Race, a fully crewed race around the world in powerful 65-footers.

“I was crushed,” Ms. Brauer said of being rejected after the trials.

Ms. Brauer, though, found a new purpose. After months of living in her van and working on Dragon, she found a benefactor in F.K. Day, the president of World Bicycle Relief and the executive vice president of SRAM Corporation, who, along with his brother Lincoln, agreed to buy a boat and fund a massive refit for the Global Solo Challenge, which was only three months away.

Conducting the hurricane of activity last summer in Newport, R.I., Ms. Brauer knew this was her moment to shine. But her new sponsors had reservations about her bold social media experiment.

“I got a massive pushback: ‘How can you be so vain. This isn’t important. We don’t want to pay for this,’” she said. “I said none of this is going to matter if the world can’t see it.”

Her boat was covered with cameras her shore team could monitor, with technology allowing for constant recording that could be used to capture unexpected twists. Ms. Brauer got some immediate traction, but nothing prepared her for the numbers she would hit once the race began.

“We were taking bets in Spain,” said Ms. Brauer, who had to sail First Light nearly 3,000 miles from Newport to Spain as a qualifier for the race. “There was a photo of me excited we hit 10,000 followers. Ten thousand for a little race? That’s massive.”

A few months later she has 40 times that count.

Only a handful of solo ocean racers have been American, all of whom being male. Now Ms. Brauer has a larger following than any of them, pushing far beyond the typical reach of her sport.

“This is a really good case study,” says Marcus Hutchinson, a project manager for ocean racing teams. For me she’s an influencer. She’s a Kardashian. People will be looking for her to promote a product. She doesn’t need to worry about what the American sailors think. That’s parochial. She has to split with the American environment.”

Unlike her peers, Ms. Brauer is happy to do some extracurricular work along the way toward goals like competing in the prestigious Vendée Globe. “I’m part of the social media generation,” she said. “It’s not a burden to me.”

The playful videos and colorful backdrop, though, can make it easy for her followers to forget that she is in the middle of a dangerous race. Half her competitors in the Global Solo Challenge have pulled out, and ocean races still claim lives, particularly in the violent, frigid storms of the Southern Ocean.

“She was apprehensive,” Ms. Caffari said of Ms. Brauer’s rounding Cape Horn. “I told her: ‘You were devastated that you didn’t get on the Ocean Race. Now look at you. Those sailors didn’t even get to go to the Southern Ocean.’”

The question now is how Ms. Brauer will retain her followers’ desire for content after the race is over.

“She will be unaware of the transition she went through,” Mr. Hutchinson said. “She’s become a celebrity and hasn’t really realized it.”

Ms. Brauer, however, said she received as much from her followers as she gave them.

“They are so loving,” she said. “I send a photo of a sunset, and they paint watercolors of the scene to sell and raise money for the campaign. When I start to feel down, they let me stand on their shoulders.”

Transindia Real Estate to sell logistics park in Haryana, divest stake in five others

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Transindia Real Estate, the company formed as a result of the demerger of the logistics business of Allcargo Logistics, has signed a firm agreement to sell its logistics park at Jhajjar in Haryana at an enterprise value of approximately ₹636.71 crore.

The company has also sold 10 per cent stake in five other logistics parks – Malur Logistics & Industrial Parks, Venkatapura Logistics & Industrial Parks, Kalina Warehousing, Panvel Warehousing, and Allcargo Logistics & Industrial Park.

All the transactions together would yield ₹433.37 crore in cash that would be used for its growth plans and expand its operations across the country, the company said in a statement. The deal will also boost the company’s financial capabilities, paving the way for fresh investments in emerging business growth opportunities.

Transindia has developed and manages over 5 million square feet of industrial and logistics parks at Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Maharashtra, Farukh Nagar in Haryana, Malur in Karnataka, Patancheru in Telangana, Hosur in Tamil Nadu, and Verna in Goa catering to the micro-markets in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Goa.

Grade A warehousing

It is currently building a Grade A warehousing space in Malur, Karnataka and exploring potential space in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. The company is expanding its presence across key locations by setting up warehouses with built to global infrastructure, highest level of safety and security.

Its strategy of attracting marquee clients for its warehouses and seamlessly transitioning to asset sales would maximise returns while ensuring sustained growth, it said.

Allcargo Group’s chairman and founder Shashi Kiran Shetty said that the company would continue to drive logistics infrastructure development to “leverage the emerging opportunities with the construction of world class industrial and logistics parks.”

In 2023 the warehousing sector in India saw an annual absorption of 57 msf, while the total warehousing stock across the eight major cities were at 371 msf, according to JLL India. It has forecast total stock to rise to 595 msf by 2027, driven by rising demand for efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. 

Kosa vam se brzo masti? Tiktoker preporučuje da isprobate ovaj proizvod

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Znate li nešto više o temi ili želite prijaviti grešku u tekstu?

Shohei Ohtani first ring with Dodgers: He announces he’s married

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Shohei Ohtani’s life away from the baseball diamond has always been intensely private. About all he’s ever revealed is that he owns a dog named Dekopin, Japanese for Decoy.

Until now. Ohtani posted on Instagram in the middle of the night that he is married. Yes, the two-way superstar has his first ring as a Dodger, and it came as a shock even to the Japanese media horde that covers his every public word, step and swing.

“Not only have I begun a new chapter in my career with the Dodgers but I also have begun a new life with someone from my native country of Japan who is very special to me and I wanted everyone to know I am now married,” he wrote in Japanese.

“I am excited for what is to come and thank you for your support.”

Ohtani, who used Japanese female pronouns in the post, did not identify his wife. No details were offered about when or where a wedding ceremony was held. He said he would conduct an interview Friday.

The news broke in the middle of the night in Los Angeles and in Phoenix, where the Dodgers are conducting spring training, but it was late afternoon in Japan, and the story quickly was broadcast on television. Ohtani had never even divulged that he had a girlfriend.

Dekopin, a Dutch Kooikerhondje, became known to the public when Ohtani held and pet him while discussing winning the American League Most Valuable Player during a televised interview on MLB Network. Ohtani included a photo of the dog on the Instagram marriage announcement and these words: “We hope the two of us — and one animal — will work together.”

Ohtani made his first appearance in a Dodgers uniform Tuesday, hitting a home run in his third at-bat. He signed a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Dodgers this offseason after playing six seasons with the Angels.

Apple to disclose AI plans later this year, CEO Tim Cook says

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Apple plans to disclose more about its plans to put generative artificial intelligence to use later this year, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Cook said that the iPhone maker sees “incredible breakthrough potential for generative AI, which is why we’re currently investing significantly in this area. We believe that will unlock transformative opportunities for users when it comes to productivity, problem solving and more.”

Apple has been slower in rolling out generative AI, which can generate human-like responses to written prompts, than rivals such as Microsoft (MSFT.O), and Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) which are weaving them into products.

On Wednesday, Cook argued that AI is already at work behind the scenes in Apple’s products but said there would be more news on explicit AI features later this year. Bloomberg previously reported Apple plans to use AI to improve the ability to search through data stored on Apple devices.

“Every Mac that is powered by Apple silicon is an extraordinarily capable AI machine. In fact, there’s no better computer for AI on the market today,” Cook said. Apple shareholders on Wednesday rejected a measure asking the company to disclose more information about how it uses artificial intelligence in its business and its ethical guidelines for the technology.

The proposal, which did not pass but won 37.5 per cent of votes cast, was put forth by the pension trust of the AFL-CIO, the largest American labor union federation, which has also proposed AI measures at other technology companies.

Compared to other leading technology companies, Apple has been behind the curve on disclosing ethical guidelines regarding the use of artificial intelligence,” Brandon Rees, deputy director for corporations and capital markets with the AFL-CIO, said in statement. “We hope that Apple will enhance its disclosure practices on this important issue to investors and other stakeholders.”

A similar proposal will be heard at Walt Disney’s (DIS.N), annual meeting in April. At Apple, the AFL-CIO asked for a report on the company’s use of AI “in its business operations and disclose any ethical guidelines that the company has adopted regarding the company’s use of AI technology.”

In its supporting statement in Apple’s proxy materials, the AFL-CIO wrote that “AI systems should not be trained on copyrighted works, or the voices, likenesses and performances of professional performers, without transparency, consent and compensation to creators and rights holders.” Apple opposed the measure, saying that disclosures could tip its hand on strategy as it competes against rivals in the fast-moving AI field.

Spring travel: 5 countries to visit to welcome summer in style | Travel

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Spring is that time of the year when we need to start packing our bags and fly off to places that have the best views to offer. Spring is the official time when the earth looks more colourful, flowers bloom, the weather gets just perfect, and the winter season gives way to a pleasant time to travel around and appreciate the colours of nature. Places deck up in colours, flowers, chirping of birds – spring is really the best time to see the world decked up in pretty layers. Winter is already on its way out for this year and that means, it’s only a matter of weeks before the spring season officially makes an entry and sweeps us off our feet.

Winter is already on its way out for this year and that means, it’s only a matter of weeks before the spring season officially makes an entry and sweeps us off our feet. (Pixabay)

Japan: One of the best countries to visit during the spring season. Say hellp to cherry blossoms everywhere. Your pictures will look right out of a movie with the backdrop decked up in pretty cherry blossoms. It also has the perfect weather during spring.

Switzerland: It is pretty throughout the year. Known for the snow-capped mountains and as one of the most romantic places in the world, Switzerland makes for a perfect spring destination because of the abundance of flowers everywhere.

South Africa: South Africa has everything to offer from wildlife expeditions to beach destinations. Spring makes the perfect time of the year to explore both.

Mauritius: Relaxing by the beach or getting into the water for adventure sports – Mauritius has it all. Between April and May is the perfect time to visit the country and explore everything that it has to offer.

Greece: Greece has extreme weather conditions – too hot during summer and too cold during winters. that’s why spring is the ideal time to explore Greece with colourful architecture and blossoming flowers.