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Health weekend roundup includes service dogs, medical misinformation and more

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Fox News Digital publishes an array of health pieces all week long to keep you in the know on key wellness topics: disease prevention, nutrition, medical research, health care and more. We also share personal stories of people and families overcoming great health obstacles.

Check out some of the top stories of the week in Health that you may have missed or have been meaning to check out. 

These are just a few of what’s new. There are many more to see at Fox News Health.


Without further ado, dive right into these eight stories. 

1. Service dog gives peace of mind to woman with epilepsy

Channing Seideman, 30 — who has lived with daily seizures since childhood — revealed that her life has been changed by her dedicated service dog, Bishop. “In addition to bringing peace of mind, the dogs make epilepsy approachable to the public,” she said. Click here to get the story.

Channing Seideman, pictured with her service dog, Bishop, said he’s given her peace of mind amid her daily epileptic seizures. (Channing Seideman)

2. Doctor shares 10 big ‘lies’ he says health care is telling

Dr. Robert Lufkin, a California physician, said he “woke up” to flaws in the medical system when he himself was diagnosed with four chronic diseases. He shares what he believes are the 10 biggest lies told to patients. Click here to get the story.

"Lies I Told in Medical School"

Dr. Robert Lufkin, pictured at left, was diagnosed with four chronic diseases, which inspired him to write a book, “Lies I Taught in Medical School.” (Dr. Robert Lufkin/iStock)

3. Sleep apnea patients could soon have solution

In a Finland study, a new breathing device showed promising results in reducing symptoms of sleep apnea, according to researchers. The device, called WellO2, uses resistance training to strengthen throat muscles and steam breathing to humidify airways. Click here to get the story.

Sleep anea split

In a Finland study, a new breathing device, shown at right, showed promising results in reducing symptoms of sleep apnea, according to researchers. (iStock/WellO)

4. Researchers announce progress against Parkinson’s

An experimental drug is showing promise in slowing the progression of Parkinson’s disease in clinical trials. Researchers and Parkinson’s experts discuss what this could mean for patients. Click here to get the story.

Nurse supporting senior patient walking up the stairs

In a new study, Parkinson’s patients reported improved daily movement after being administered UB-312, an experimental drug.  (iStock)

5. ‘Is it ever OK to take someone else’s prescription?’

In this week’s installment of Ask a Doctor, two pharmacists weigh in on whether it’s ever safe to share medications. Click here to get the story.

For more Health articles, visit

Health weekend read

This week’s health stories included a story of a service dog helping a woman with epilepsy, a doctor’s take on 10 medical “lies,” an amazing kidney transplant, and more. (Channing Seideman/iStock/Northwestern Medical)

6. Good news revealed for diabetes patients

Most of the 38 million people living with diabetes in the U.S. use daily injections or insulin pumps to keep glucose at safe levels — but new research suggests that an inhaler could be just as effective. Researchers and doctors weigh the benefits and limitations. Click here to get the story.

Diabetes insulin inhaler

An inhaled form of insulin worked just as well as injections or pumps to control type 1 diabetes in a recent study. (iStock/MannKind)

7. Chicago man gets kidney transplant while wide awake

John Nicholas, 28, called his organ transplant surgery “a pretty cool experience.” Surgeries without general anesthesia can increase access to care for patients who are considered high-risk or have phobias surrounding anesthesia. Click here to get the story.

Transplant team

John Nicholas, the patient, is pictured with his surgeons in the operating room after a kidney transplant. (Northwestern Medicine)


8. Daily multivitamins not shown to increase longevity, study finds

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health found that taking multivitamins did not reduce mortality risk, but a longevity doctor has questions. Click here to get the story.

Woman taking pill

Those who took daily multivitamins were actually found to have a 4% higher mortality risk, according to the study published in JAMA Network Open. (iStock)

These 5 Common Foods Might Be The Reason You Cant Concentrate

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Our diet plays a key role in our physical and mental health. There is plenty of research that has established a gut-brain connection, meaning what we eat can impact our minds. Some foods are loaded with healthy nutrients and can benefit our brain health. According to Medical News Today, some of these healthy foods include oily fish, dark chocolate, berries, nuts, seeds, whole grains, eggs, etc. While eating these foods can be good for the brain, there are certain foods and drinks that scientific research shows can mess with your concentration and focus.

Here Are 5 Foods You Should Avoid That Can Negative Impact Your Concentration Levels:

1. Pastries, Cakes And White Bread

While you might enjoy indulging in pastries, muffins, cakes, toasted white bread etc, higher glycemic index foods can have a detrimental impact on overall brain function, according to Great Lakes Functional Neurology. “It causes a spike in blood sugar (which can be good for immediate functioning), but it inevitably leads to a blood sugar crash that can leave the brain starved for more energy than before, and make you feel foggy, fatigued, and forgetful.”

2. Foods High In Salt

Too much salt can cause cognitive deficits, according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Endothelial cells inside the cerebral blood vessels are responsible for regulating the vascular tone of the brain. The researchers found that a high dietary intake of salt has been associated with dysfunction of these cells. Excessive salt intake can cause inflammation in the brain, which can interfere with short-term memory and concentration.

3. Soda And Sugary Drinks

Most people love sipping on fizzy and sugary beverages, feeling refreshed after drinking a glass or two. However, excessive sugar intake can rapidly increase blood sugar which would follow with a crash, that can make it difficult to maintain focused concentration. According to Psychology Today, consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is linked to a higher risk of metabolic dysfunction, stroke, dementia and depression.
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4. Coffee

While drinking some coffee can make you more alert, drinking too much coffee can make you feel jittery or anxious. For some people, even a little consumption of coffee can trigger anxiety. Mayo Clinic explains, “If you’re susceptible to the effects of caffeine, even small amounts may prompt unwanted effects, such as restlessness and sleep problems.”

5. Energy Drinks

Many people may resort to chugging energy drinks to drive sleep away and “get more focus.” However, this impact may only be temporary and worsen your brain health and concentration in the long run. Energy drinks often contain high levels of caffeine, which can increase urine production and lead to dehydration. According to Healthline, mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1-3 per cent) can impair energy levels, impair mood, and lead to major reductions in memory and brain performance.
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If you consume these foods, ensure you do so in limited quantities and eat an overall well-balanced and nutritious diet. 

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

Outside the Campus Cafeteria, It Was Love at First Sight

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Lucie Lott said she knew she would marry Eladio Fabregas even before the two had spoken.

Their paths first crossed in September 2021 outside the cafeteria at Samford University in Homewood, Ala. Ms. Lott, now 22, was starting as a freshman, and Mr. Fabregas, 25, who goes by Lalo, was a junior.

“We did a triple take,” Ms. Lott recalled. “I remember telling my roommate right after that I had met my future husband.”

Mr. Fabregas, a native of Galicia, Spain, came to the United States on a tennis scholarship. During that brief encounter, Ms. Lott noticed he was wearing a shirt for Samford’s tennis team. She found his photo and name on the team’s roster and sent him a message on Instagram that same day.

“I asked if it was him who I had seen earlier,” she said.

“I replied, ‘Yes, I think you are the beautiful girl I noticed,” he said. “I hate texting and messaging and asked if I could call her.”

That first call led to a first date, during which ice cream and stargazing on a hilltop followed dinner at a local pizzeria.

The night almost didn’t happen. Mr. Fabregas said that he had toyed with the idea of canceling for fear of falling in love. “I was so taken with Lucie and knew that if we went out, we would get serious,” he said. “I was young, in the country on a scholarship and here to make it. Part of me thought that a relationship might be distracting.”

Despite his hesitation, Mr. Fabregas stuck to the plan, which had Ms. Lott picking him up in her car from Samford’s tennis center after practice.

“I gave him a hug when he came out and told him that I was excited to see him,” Ms. Lott said. “From then on, we talked nonstop and shared our goals and different upbringings.”

Ms. Lott grew up on a 250-acre horse farm, Augustus Hill, in Paris, Ky. The property hosts events and has been used for fashion shoots for brands like Peter Millar. She graduated from Samford with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and mass communications and now runs Augustus Hill’s events business remotely.

Mr. Fabregas has a bachelor’s degree in business and an M.B.A. from Samford. He is a financial analyst at the private equity firm Regent in Beverly Hills, Calif., where the couple currently resides.

After that night, the pair was inseparable. “We studied, ate, exercised and enjoyed every bit of free time together,” Mr. Fabregas said.

Early on in their relationship, he accompanied Ms. Lott to her family’s vacation home in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., introducing him to her mother, Diane Lott.

“My mom made sangria and served Spanish olives to bring a little of Lalo’s background to the evening,” Ms. Lott said.

In the fall of 2022, Mr. Fabregas asked Ms. Lott to accompany him on a trip to Galicia to meet his family.

“I was overwhelmed and nervous,” she said. “They didn’t really speak English, and I don’t speak Spanish, and I wasn’t sure how all the translation would work out. But his parents greeted me with hugs and were genuine and warm.”

Mr. Fabregas’s and Ms. Lott’s courtship continued over the next few years. When Mr. Fabregas finished the M.B.A. program and got hired for the financial analyst job in California, Ms. Lott relocated with him and switched to Samford’s online program until she graduated.

Before moving, the couple made their annual trip to visit Mr. Fabregas’s parents in Spain.

“Lalo told me that he wanted to add on a weekend getaway to an island called La Toja for some sun and relaxation,” Ms. Lott said. “I knew that he was going to propose at some point, and when he mentioned the trip, I was sure that it would happen then.”

However, rain interfered with Mr. Fabregas’s plans. “I was going to ask Lucie in front of a church that’s made out of seashells,” he said. “But when the drops started coming, I postponed.”

The following morning, on June 1, 2023, Mr. Fabregas and Ms. Lott returned to the church and he presented her with a center-cut diamond ring embellished with two shield-cut diamonds.

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On June 15, the couple wed at Augustus Hill before 160 guests, including Ms. Lott’s grandfather, Trent Lott, the former Senate majority leader, as well as several members of Mr. Fabregas’s family from Spain.

Hunter Bates, a close friend of Ms. Lott’s family and a former chief of staff to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, officiated. He was ordained by Christian Global Outreach Ministries.

Ms. Lott, wearing a lace Monique Lhuillier dress, arrived at the altar with her father, Chet Lott, in an open-air, wicker horse carriage as a harpist played Pachelbel’s Canon.

Mr. Fabregas was dressed in a European morning suit from Stuart Mercer Gentleman’s Shoppe in Lexington, Ky.

At the reception, an alfresco sit-down dinner included Kentucky beef and Spanish paella. A dance party followed with an Ibiza nightclub theme.

“The day was a joining of two distinct cultures,” Mr. Fabregas said. “And a reflection of our relationship.”

Blue Maine Coon Cat: Facts, Origin & History (with Pictures)

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If you’ve ever seen a Maine Coon in person, it might immediately take your breath away. These are massive, gorgeously stunning creatures. It is no wonder that you’re attracted to them in general, but the blue color is something spectacular!

If you have just witnessed one for the first time, you probably want to learn all you can about this feline. Here are all the details about this lovely blue and all the perks of the breed itself.

Breed Overview


Blue, but also a wide range of other colors

Suitable for:

Virtually any cat-loving home


Docile, gentle, adaptable

The blue color in the Maine Coon is a diluted gene that produces a smoky lavender-gray color. Against their penetrating pair of eyes, you can imagine how the contrast could make the coat truly pop.

In this article, we’re not only going to be discussing the blue color, as it is not a breed itself, but merely one of the potential coat colors. We will also be exploring the Maine Coon breed entirely.

Blue Maine Coon Characteristics



A high-energy cat needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep healthy and happy, while a low-energy cat needs minimal physical activity, but still needs mental stimulation. When choosing a cat, It’s important to ensure their energy levels match your lifestyle.



Cats that are easy-to-train are more willing and skilled at quickly learning prompts and actions with minimal training. Harder-to-train cats are usually more stubborn or aloof and require a bit more patience and practice.



Certain cat breeds are more prone to various genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every cat in those breeds will have these issues, but they do have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.



Due to their size or potential genetic health issues of a specific breed, some cats have shorter lifespans than others. Proper nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, and hygiene also play an important role in your cat’s lifespan and quality of life.



Some cat breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other cats and animals. Cats that are more social have a tendency to rub up on strangers for scratches or jump on laps for cuddles, while cats that are less social shy away, hide, are more cautious, and even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed or gender, it’s important to socialize your cat and expose them to many different situations.

The Earliest Records of Blue Maine Coon in History

Maine Coons were said to have originated in the mid-19th century. You may be able to tell by the name alone that the Maine Coon originated in the state of Maine. These hardy cats were capable of withstanding even the most frigid temperatures of Maine winters.

These cats not only survived, but they also thrived, proving to be a versatile and adaptable animal. These kitties are naturally occurring, meaning no one really put effort into creating them.

The creation of the Maine Coon was a spontaneous one. Researchers seem to believe that the Maine Coon originated from long-haired Angoras that came overseas with travelers. Those cats mixed with domestic cats here, resulting in a massive, fiercely incredible breed.

Because of their size, it has often been rumored that these cats are mixed with some type of wildcat. Because of their pointy ears, size, and markings, they greatly resemble the North American bobcat. It has been long since rumored that the Maine Coon has true bobcat DNA.

Researchers definitively disagree with this ideology. However, it would be pretty cool to know that these massive beasts had wild lineage to match their overall appearance.

Young Blue Tabby Maine Coon Cat Sits in Green Grass
Image Credit: Nikola Cedikova, Shutterstock

How Blue Maine Coon Gained Popularity

How could you look at a beautiful blue Maine Coon and not think they would be the most popular pick around? These stunning animals are one of a kind with large bodies, tufted ears, and a presence that beats all others.

It is no wonder that Maine Coon cats are incredibly popular today. People are very attracted to their robust size, extremely calm, demeanor, and overall presence. The Maine Coon is an incredibly hardy cat, which means they adapt to many different types of environments. This helps the breed thrive and eliminate a lot of potential issues.

Formal Recognition of Blue Maine Coons

The American Cat Breeders Association recognized the Maine Coon cat breed in 1976. On the other hand, the Cat Fanciers’ Association informally recognized the Maine Coon in 1975, and then officially recognized them in 1976. Blue is one of the many recognized colors of Maine Coons according to the breed standard.

Since then, the breed standards have grown tremendously, creating the overall visual of the ideal Maine Coon we know and love today. There are breeders all across the United States, and even in some other parts of the world now. They are a favorite for many reasons, and it is no wonder that these associations took an interest in this self-developed breed.

male blue tabby maine coon cat
Image Credit: pix-l passion, Shutterstock

divider 3 paws

The Top 6 Unique Facts About Maine Coons

So, what would you like most about Maine Coons? Let’s find out. 

1. Maine Coons Hold a Record for Being the Longest Cat in the World

We already know that Maine Coons are a massive size. An adult Maine Coon can weigh as much as 25 pounds. On top of that, however, they have gotten actual awards for being the longest-domesticated cats in the world.

side view of a cute blue tabby white maine coon cat running outdoors in garden
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

2. Maine Coons Are Widely Revered as Gentle Giants

They are widely known for their incredible and gentle demeanors. These cats are exceptional animals, being the Newfoundland dog of the cat world.

3. A Maine Coon Has a Waterproof Coat

One really interesting thing about a Maine Coon is that they have a waterproof coat. This feature protects them from inclement weather. Since these cats were developed to withstand the frigid environments of Maine winters, their coat helps them adapt accordingly.

Blue adult Maine Coon Cat in the Garden
Image Credit: Heidi Bollich, Shutterstock

4. Most Maine Coons Have Interesting Paws

Most Maine Coon cats are polydactyl, meaning they have extra toes.

5. There Are Over 75 Colors of Maine Coon Cat

When it comes to a Maine Coon, blue is certainly not the only variety. There are over 75 colors and patterns that exist in the Maine Coon breed alone.

blue tabby maine coon cat next to conifer tree in the back yard
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

6. Maine Coons Take a Long Time to Mature

What is interesting about this particular cat is that they take longer to grow than any other feline. A Maine Coon does not completely fully develop until they are at least 3 to 5 years of age. After the first year of life, growth does slow down significantly, but they continue to add length and weight over time.

divider 3 paws

Does a Blue Maine Coon Make a Good Pet?

A blue Maine Coon, or any Maine Coon, for that matter, would make a tremendous pet for virtually any lifestyle. These cats are highly adaptable and extremely agreeable in almost any setting. They can easily make friends with children, seniors, folks with disabilities, other cats, and even dogs!

Granted, you should never leave your Maine Coon alone around your gerbil because they are vicious predators. But when it comes to your average everyday household, these cats fit the mold perfectly.

Something to consider is that the Maine Coon does have an overabundance of hair. This can cause an uptick in shedding, which can trigger even folks with mild allergies. So, even if you’re highly attracted to the breed itself, it might be extremely irritating if you suffer from cat allergies.

A Maine Coon tends to be an adventurer and loves exploring the outdoors. So, if you thought about getting a cat you’re able to leash train, these cats would be ideal candidates. Their protective coats also keep them insulated in extreme temperatures. We never recommend keeping your cat outdoors full time.

divider 2 cats


Now you know a little bit more about the Maine Coon breed. The blue color is absolutely exceptional, but certainly not the only one that exists. If the Maine Coon sounds like a cat that’s right up your alley, you can look for local breeders in your area.

Keep in mind that rescues and shelters also get purebred cats or mixes thereof. You could always check in to see if you could find a beautiful blue kitty to call your own.

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Mumbai June property registrations up 12% YoY but down 3.6% MoM

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Property registrations in Mumbai in June rose over 12 per cent on year but fell 3.6 per cent sequentially with around 11570 units being registered in the financial capital, the biggest property market in India.

The state government earned more than ₹1000 crore in revenue from the registrations, data on its website showed.

With this the property registrations in the first quarter of the fiscal year crossed 35,000 units, but around 5.6 per cent down from the March quarter, which had the highest sales in the last four quarters. Monthly sales have been consistently above 10,000 units from December onward, the data showed.

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Data analysis by Knight Frank India showed that average monthly registration in the first half of 2024 was 12,044 units, up from 10,578 units in the same period in 2023.

Despite rising property prices and higher mortgage rates, people in Mumbai have been buying houses especially in the higher income brackets.

“The continuous year-on-year growth in property sale registrations underscores the resilience of Mumbai’s real estate market,” said Shishir Baijal, Chairman & Managing Director, Knight Frank India.

“In the backdrop of higher property prices, home registrations have maintained their momentum, reflecting the market’s strong appetite and confidence buyers have in the country’s economic trajectory,” he added.

Around 46 per cent of the sales were of homes with sizes of 500 to 1000 square feet. This was 300 basis points higher from year ago. There were also more people buying larger sized apartments of over 1000 square feet. But those buying homes of size up to 500 square feet saw a dip in share, indicating a diminished home affordability at low income levels.

Mumbai-based developers such as Godrej Properties, Oberoi Realty, Macrotech Developers, and others have lined up an impressive pipeline of launches this year expecting the demand momentum to sustain.

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Evo gdje možete u kupovinu. Tek rijetki šoping-centri u Hrvatskoj danas rade

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Znate li nešto više o temi ili želite prijaviti grešku u tekstu?

Dodgers overcome rough Tyler Glasnow start in win over Giants

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Saturday was a planned “bullpen game” for the San Francisco Giants, whose rotation sports just two healthy established starters in Logan Webb and Jordan Hicks and has five pitchers — Blake Snell, Kyle Harrison, Keaton Winn, Robbie Ray and Alex Cobb — on the injured list.

It turned into an impromptu bullpen game for Dodgers, which was both surprising and disappointing considering they had ace Tyler Glasnow, who was 8-5 with a 2.88 ERA and a National League-leading 135 strikeouts and had thrown five innings or more in each of his first 16 starts, on the mound.

Glasnow was rocked for five runs and seven hits in an abbreviated three-inning start, leaving Dodgers relievers to cover the final six innings.

Not only was the bullpen up to the task, it worked overtime and got contributions from every arm, with eight pitchers combining to limit the Giants to one earned run over the final eight innings of a wild 14-7, 11-inning victory in front of a crowd of 39,663 at Oracle Park.

“It was all hands on deck, really,” veteran right-hander Daniel Hudson said after the grueling 3-hour, 45-minute game. “We had to go get that one once we tied it up and took the lead [in the fourth inning]. We were all just focused on getting to the next guy.”

The Dodgers blew the game open with a seven-run rally in the 11th, but they wouldn’t have gotten there if Hudson hadn’t escaped a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the 10th.

The Dodgers had scored in the 10th off 6-foot-11 right-hander Sean Hjelle when Jason Heyward grounded out to first base, advancing automatic runner Chris Taylor to third, and Miguel Rojas blooped an RBI single to shallow right-center for a 7-6 lead.

Hudson, who gave up a two-run homer to Matt Chapman in Friday night’s loss, got Nick Ahmed to ground out to shortstop to open the bottom of the 10th, with automatic runner Brett Wisely holding at second, but pinch-hitter David Villar ripped an RBI double off the left-field wall to tie the score 7-7.

LaMonte Wade Jr. was intentionally walked, and Heliot Ramos dribbled a grounder to third for an infield single — the Dodgers thought the ball hit Ramos’ foot and should have been ruled foul but were out of replay challenges — to load the bases with one out. The Dodgers brought Taylor in from center field for a five-man infield.

“I don’t,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, when asked if he could remember the last time he employed a five-man infield. “It has been that long. It’s not a strategy I love to pull out of my hat, but it just seemed like the right time given the situation.”

Will Smith hits a two-run double in the 11th inning during the Dodgers’ win over the Giants on Saturday.

(Godofredo A. Vásquez / Associated Press)

Hudson then escaped the jam by striking out Patrick Bailey with a nasty 88-mph slider and, with Taylor back in the outfield, getting Matt Chapman to pop out to catcher Will Smith, sending the game to the 11th.

“That guy has done everything in this game,” closer Evan Phillips said of Hudson, who was on the mound when the Washington Nationals clinched their World Series title in 2019. “There’s just nobody better to handle that, no one we trust more in those situations, and I don’t think anyone batted an eye when he got out of it.”

The Dodgers, who scored seven runs in the ninth inning for an 11-9 come-from-behind win at Colorado on June 18, then broke out the heavy lumber in the top of the 11th.

Shohei Ohtani, who hit his NL-leading 26th home run to straight-away center field in the third, giving him nine homers in 12 games, was intentionally walked to open the inning, and Smith drove a two-run double to left-center field for a 9-7 lead.

Freddie Freeman followed with a bloop double to left to score Smith for a 10-7 lead. Teoscar Hernández blooped a single to right, moving Freeman to third, and Taylor grounded an RBI single to right for an 11-7 lead. Heyward roped a two-run triple into the right-field corner to make it 13-7, and Rojas hit a sacrifice fly to left to make it 14-7.

The seven runs in the 11th were the most by the Dodgers in an extra inning since they moved to Los Angeles in 1958, and, according to MLB researcher Sarah Langs, the seven-run win was baseball’s second-largest extra-inning win since 1901, behind the Milwaukee Braves’ 12-4, 11-inning win over the Brooklyn Dodgers on Aug. 29, 1954.

“We needed every bit of that,” Roberts said of the seven-run outburst. “We were down to our last arm, and I was thinking about having Miggy Ro pitch that last inning. That’s kind of where we were at. Exhausting all of our arms feels a lot better when you win.”

Rojas, who also hit RBI singles in the second and fourth innings, was ready and willing to take the mound.

“I was telling Mark [Prior, Dodgers pitching coach] to give me the ball,” Rojas said. “I’ve been waiting to pitch this year, to be honest with you. We’ve been up by nine runs, but I think we need to be up by 10 to pitch in a game that we’re winning.”

Rojas might not have fared much worse than Glasnow, who limited opponents to a .179 average in his first 16 starts, the third-best mark in the league, but was tagged for seven hits in 14 at-bats on Saturday. The Giants batted around in the third, an inning in which Glasnow threw 37 pitches after throwing only 24 pitches in the first two innings.

The inning began with Glasnow’s walk to No. 9 hitter Ahmed and Jorge Soler’s RBI double to right field. Soler tried to advance on Wade’s grounder to shortstop but was thrown out at third by Rojas.

Dodgers pitcher Tyler Glasnow walks to the dugout after the third inning Saturday against the Giants.

Dodgers pitcher Tyler Glasnow walks to the dugout after the third inning Saturday.

(Godofredo A. Vásquez / Associated Press)

But Ramos singled to center, Bailey hit an RBI single to right, and Dodgers third baseman Cavan Biggio couldn’t get the ball out of his glove after charging Chapman’s chopper, a play that was generously ruled an RBI infield single.

Michael Conforto walked to load the bases, and Luis Matos grounded into a run-scoring fielder’s choice for a 5-2 lead before Wisely flied to left to end the four-run inning.

“The feel [for my pitches] was completely lost today from my warmups to the game,” Glasnow said. “It was just one of those days where I had no command of anything. … From pitch one, I’d think my release point was at one place, and it’s at another place. It was just kind of all over the place today.”

How does Glasnow cope with such an impediment?

“I didn’t today,” he said. “I think it’s more about just trying to eliminate thought and just go out there and compete. A lot of stuff got away from me, and I’m just glad the team could come back and win the game.”

The Dodgers answered San Francisco’s four-run third with four runs of their own in the top of the fourth, batting around against relievers Spencer Howard and Randy Rodriguez, a rally that Andy Pages sparked with a one-out walk.

Heyward singled to right, advancing Pages to third, and Rojas grounded an RBI infield single to the shortstop hole. Lux followed with an RBI single to right. Biggio popped out on a bunt attempt, but Ohtani walked to load the bases. Smith beat out a slow roller for an RBI single, and Freeman walked with the bases loaded for a 6-5 lead.

San Francisco evened the score in the bottom of the fifth when Chapman hit a one-out single off right-hander Yohan Ramírez, Conforto walked against left-hander Alex Vesia, and Wisely, who won Friday night’s game with a walk-off two-run homer in the ninth, hit an RBI single to center for a 6-6 tie.

“That was a long one, a tough one, because of everything that happened, but the team effort was remarkable,” Rojas said. “I feel like that’s the team that we have. We’re always going to fight, and we’re always going to be in games.”

Infinix launches new laptop with GenAI capabilities in India

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Infinix on Saturday launched a new laptop — the Zero Book Ultra AI PC, with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities to create an ecosystem of future-forward laptops in India.

The Infinix Zero Book Ultra AI PC will be available in three variants — Ultra 5 (16GB+512GB) at Rs 59,990, Ultra 7 (16GB+512GB) at Rs 69,990, and Ultra 9 (32GB+1TB) at Rs 84,990 — starting from July 10 on Flipkart.

“With India’s rapid adoption of AI, this laptop will be a game-changer, striking a chord with consumers through its affordability, user-friendly interfaces, and future-forward features, perfectly aligned with their demand for advanced AI capabilities,” Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India, said in a statement.

The new device comes powered by Intel’s Core Ultra Processor, the first truly ready AI processor that combines exceptional performance with revolutionary AI capabilities, the company said.

The laptop features a 15.6-inch display that boasts a peak brightness of up to 400 nits, ensuring exceptional visuals with vibrant colours and deep contrasts.

In addition, the Zero Book Ultra AI PC offers unparalleled connectivity options, including the latest WiFi 6E protocol with 6GHz support, providing up to an astonishing 9.6 Gbps throughput and seamless Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

Furthermore, the laptop also includes “PC Connection” that enables Android to Windows features.

Chinese tourists enjoy higher duty-free allowances in Hong Kong and Macau starting July 1 | Travel

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Bloomberg | | Posted by Zarafshan Shiraz

Chinese visitors will be allowed up to 15,000 yuan ($2,064) of duty-free shopping in Hong Kong and Macau starting next week, around twice the current limit, as authorities try to help the cities still struggling to fully recover from Covid’s fallout.

Chinese tourists enjoy higher duty-free allowances in Hong Kong and Macau starting July 1 (Photographer: Raul Ariano/Bloomberg)

The cap will be raised to 12,000 yuan from a current 5,000 yuan, while an existing tax waiver on 3,000 yuan worth of shopping at duty-free stores at the borders will remain, according to statements on Friday by Hong Kong, Macau and China’s Ministry of Finance.

The new measure is expected to bring Hong Kong as much as HK$17.6 billion ($2.25 billion) in spending each year, injecting up to HK$5.4 billion to its economy, the government said in its statement. The change will be effective from July 1, when Hong Kong celebrates the 27th anniversary of the city’s handover to Beijing from the UK.

Hong Kong and Macau have seen a slowdown in the post-pandemic recovery of their retail and tourism industries — a pillar for both cities’ economies — amid a slowdown in spending by Chinese visitors. Hong Kong in particular has seen fewer tourists compared with 2019 levels. That’s added to pressure on the financial hub, which has also suffered from an exodus of expatriates and local professionals wary of political turmoil and Covid closures.

Meanwhile, Macau, the world’s biggest gambling market, is increasingly shifting its focus to the mass-tourist market after Beijing’s crackdown on high-rollers. The city has required its six casino operators to invest more in non-gaming activities.

Sa Sa International Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong’s biggest cosmetics retailer chain, rose as much as 3.7% Friday. Shares in Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. also rose.

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