5 Cooking Techniques Every Budding Chef Should Know

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Thankfully, cooking is no more a chef’s job. It’s a survival technique. Now if you are new to this, starting from the basics is extremely important to ace this. After all, cooking is edible art, right? It is a common beginner’s mistake that you should know every skill to become a great chef. Well, you do, eventually, but acquainting yourself with basic techniques is the most important step to becoming a good chef. If you relate to this or are looking for a way to revise your cooking knowledge, then fret not. We have combined a list of five cooking techniques every budding chef should know.

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Here Are 5 Cooking Techniques Every Budding Chef Should Know

1. Sauteing

You must have come across this word while reading “sauteed vegetables” on a menu or a food recipe website. Sauteing refers to a cooking method that involves cooking proteins or vegetables on high heat. The best thing about sauteing is that it uses a minimal amount of oil so the results are absolutely delicious. Once the oil starts to shimmer, add your ingredients and stir it. The heat cooks the food quickly while retaining and sealing its natural flavours. It would give your dish a caramelized exterior. Sauteing is perfect when you are short on time but want something healthy and flavourful at the same time, a technique every budding chef should know!

2. Knife Skills

Knife skills are one of the most important skills a budding chef should have. Knowing how to handle a knife and mastering the basic cutting techniques can go a long way for you. Whether it’s chopping, dicing, slicing or mincing, it all starts with a knife. Learning proper knife skills can make your time in the kitchen feel like a breeze. At the same time, you should also learn how to hone your knife and sharpen it at the time to ace the perfect cut. Perfecting your knife skills will make your dishes cook more evenly and consistently develop flavours. So, if you are a budding chef, learning knife skills should be your number one priority.

3. Roasting

Every individual who loves Roasted Chicken is familiar with the term roasting. Roasting is a cooking technique that involves cooking food at a high temperature in your oven. This method uses the heat in the air inside of the oven to cook meats, vegetables or fruits thoroughly without burning and drying them out. This gives the dish an incredible flavour and the perfect amount of moisture. All you have to do is put your dish on a baking sheet, dab some oil, along with salt, pepper, and any other seasoning of your choice, and toss it into the oven. The high heat from the oven will create crispy exteriors and flavourful, tender interiors. Learn how to roast and make the best use of large-cut meats or tender poultry.

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4. Braising

If you want your dish, especially large cut meats, to retain moisture, then Braising should be on your list of cooking techniques. This technique involves a slow-cooking method that starts with searing your vegetable or meat in a pan until the ingredients become soft or tender. This will give your dish a rich, caramelised exterior and an aroma like no other. You then add wine, broth, or sauces to enhance its flavour. Although the process takes quite some time, the results are marvellous. The meat cuts from tougher or older animals may not always be cooked properly, resulting in chewy bites. Braising on the other hand lets the meat cook properly on a simmer so that every pull is tender and tasty.

5. Grilling

One of the most popular methods of cooking, Grilling brings out the best flavour in any dish. It is a basic cooking technique that every budding chef should know. All you have to do is preheat your grill to medium heat, dab some oil on the grates to prevent it from sticking and place your marinated meats/veggies on the grill. Flip them occasionally so that it cooks evenly. You can also keep glazing them with the marination from time to make them juicer. As the food cooks, it develops grill marks and a smoky taste. The result is mouthwatering dishes that are juicy and charred to perfection. If you are a budding chef, learning how to grill can do wonders for your food.

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