Eros Hotel New Delhi Hosted South Indian Food Festival At Blooms And It Was Not To Be Missed!

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I love South Indian food so when I got to know that Eros Hotel New Delhi was hosting a limited-time South Indian food festival, I just could not miss it. Deccan Express, the South Indian Food Promotion at Blooms in Eros Hotel New Delhi Nehru Place brought forth a wide array of popular dishes from the region, each better than the other. Eros Hotel keeps organising such food festivals to introduce their patrons to different regional cuisines that they might not get to try otherwise. Whenever I went to these festivals, I always came back with a happy heart and an even happier tummy. This one was no different.

The one thing I look forward to (and shamelessly enjoy) is the warm hospitality that I am always greeted with the moment I step in. Eros Hotel New Delhi feels like home with such care and attention from the staff, and not to forget the delicious food that makes my visits even better.

The Deccan Express food festival let me enjoy the authentic and fantastic flavours of South Indian cuisine. I was served one dish after another and it turned out to be a big meal that my mind thought wouldn’t be able to finish but surprisingly, my stomach actually did!

It started with a platter of starters like Chettinad Chicken, Raw Banana Chips, Chicken 65, Chicken Lollipop, Gobhi 65 and pakodas. I loved Gobhi 65 and Chettinad Chicken. Paired with the refreshing chutneys, the delicious first course worked up my appetite for more.

Then came Surmai Fish and Ragi Puttu. I was delighted by the fish preparation. So simple but so tasty. The Ragu Puttu was a little bland for my taste but since this is how it is served, no complaints. But I absolutely loved the podi idli. It was flavoured just right and was super tasty.

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Time for the main meal – South Indian thali! The thali had everything I desired. Tomato rice, rasam, parpu dal, carrot beans poriyal, Chettinad biryani and raw banana masala – a hearty meal with flavours on point.

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But the best was yet to come. You guessed it right – the desserts!

The dessert platter had Mysore Pak, Paal Payasam and Besan Laddoo. All three were delicious but Paal Payasam won my heart.

Kudos to Chef Bhaskar for preparing such a wonderful South Indian feast. I cannot go back to Blooms, Eros Hotel New Delhi for more such food adventures.

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