iPhone 16 leaks suggest noteworthy upgrade: From camera design to shutter button, here’s what to expect

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iPhone 16 Leaks: There are multiple conjectures about the forthcoming iPhone 16. However, some recent leaks have predicted that the much-talked-about handset from the house of Apple will undergo a potential design overhaul. The latest leaks have shared some expected glimpses of the potential design of iPhone 16 showing that the smartphone will consist of a shutter button and an upgraded camera module.  As per the report, a dedicated shutter button will make a comeback in the iPhone 16, which was not given in the recent iPhones. This shutter button is expected to be supported by the haptic engine, which will provide a more spontaneous camera experience to users. 

iPhone 16 Leaks: Vertical camera layout with 3D video recording

Reports suggest that the new handset will not feature the diagonal dual-camera layout, which was given in the iPhone 15 and first launched in the iPhone 13. Apple’s iPhone 16 is expected to include a vertically loaded camera system, which will support 3D video recording. The 3D video recording feature is a novel feature, which is exclusively available for the pro model Apple smartphones. Additionally, the flash unit of the iPhone 16 is predicted to be relocated and will be located out of the camera constellation, which will appear to be similar to the iPhone X layout.

iPhone 16 Leaks: Shutter button 

Users will be able to focus on a subject easily with a soft tap on the shutter button and then with the secondary tap, they will be able to capture the picture. This new prediction has challenged the earlier rumours about Apple eliminating all the accessible physical buttons. Recent leaks have also revealed another obvious design update in the camera arrangement of the forthcoming iPhone 16. 

iPhone 16 Leaks: Usual display size and other expected internal updates 

Rumours suggest that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have the same usual screen sizes as their forerunners, providing 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch 60Hz OLED screens correspondingly. Speculations are doing the rounds that these new handsets will include a toned-down type of the A17 Pro processor, possibly combined with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of basic memory. 

iPhone 16 Leaks: Mute Switch Button 

The upcoming Apple iPhone 16 is predicted to feature the action button which was launched in the iPhone 15 Pro model handsets for the first time. This personalized button will be swapped by the old-style mute switch, which will provide more control over the specific tasks. 

Though the above-predicted updates have been confirmed by the recent leaks that are doing the rounds on the internet, the final layout of the forthcoming iPhone 16 may be something different.

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