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Rebel Moon star Ray Fisher has opened up about reuniting with Zack Snyder and teased what fans can expect from his upcoming extended cut.

Part One: A Child of Fire released on Netflix this Friday, with both a second instalment and a director’s cut with an extra hour of footage coming next year. sat down with Snyder and some of the cast, including Fisher, who had nothing but praise for the blockbuster filmmaker after working with him on his breakout role as Cyborg.

“The characters are radically different,” he said. “We’re dealing with a brand new IP.

“And a character as bad-a** as Darian Bloodaxe, a space rebel with a cool sense of style, it definitely is different than any other character I’ve played.

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“There were folks who’ve seen the film who were like, ‘I didn’t even recognize you’.”

“It was fun to really immerse myself into this space.”

Known for directing Man of Steel, Watchmen and Netflix’s Army of the Dead, Snyder once again takes on multiple roles behind the scenes for one of his most ambitious projects yet.

“Zack’s doing so much on this one, right?” Fisher added. “When I worked with him in the past, he’s directed, co-written, that sort of thing.

“But on [Rebel Moon], he was like a madman. He’s directing, writing, he’s behind the camera.

“Just an unbelievable amount of energy and just genuine enthusiasm and excitement to jump in and do the work. That part of it has always been Zack.”

A release date for Rebel Moon’s director’s cut hasn’t been confirmed, although Snyder indicated it could be out in summer 2024.

As for what fans can expect from the three-hour version, Fisher teased: “It’ll be more. A lot more.

“It’ll be an hour more. But there’ll be a lot more intensity in that cut.

“There’s just things that you can do in a rated-R cut that you wouldn’t be able to do in a PG-13.”

Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire is available to stream on Netflix.

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