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Visiting temples should be an essential practice of our daily lives it keeps us rooted in our culture. Apart from visiting the main holy pilgrims like Char-Dham, Vaishnodevi, Ashtavinayak, 12 jyotirlingas, Tirupati Balaji and others devotees can also explore the temples locally and take divine blessings. Devotees should maintain personal devotional discipline and they should try and visit at least one new temple every month to stay rooted in the culture.

As sacred temples draw crowds, navigating the serenity of a spiritual visit can be a challenge during peak times. (Pexels)

Also, an interesting fact recently is that the audience between the age group of 21 to 32 years are keen on visiting temples and exploring their spiritual experiences along with a keen interest in the history of gods and goddesses, and important temple places. Most of the temples especially the main Hindu pilgrim spots such as Kedarnath, Vaishnodevi, Ashtavinayak, 12 Jyotirlingas and Tirupati Balaji are crowded especially during any festive season or auspicious days. (Also read: Temple tourism: 10 tips and tricks for planning your next spiritual getaway in India )

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Tips for a safe temple visit

Giresh Kulkarni, Founder of Temple Connect and International Temples Convention and Expo (ITCX) shared with HT Lifestyle 7 tips for a smooth temple visit during crowded times:

1. Prefer visiting during less crowd and off-seasons

If at all feasible, schedule your temple visit during a time when there are fewer tourists and pilgrims. This has an opportunity to greatly improve how tranquil your visit is. To stay out of the crowd, opt to visit the shrine at non-peak hours. Weekdays and early mornings are frequently calmer, making for a more peaceful and reflective experience. Your temple visit should commence at the beginning of the day. If you are there before the crowd, the surroundings will be peaceful and quiet which makes it easier for you to connect with the divine.

2. Respect the privacy of devotees and temples

Whenever a huge number of devotees are present, try to respect their privacy. Be conscious of devotees’ privacy and act with decorum. This will help nurture a positive atmosphere at the temple. To enhance your spiritual experience, spend some time meditating or reflecting in a peaceful spot.

3. Take advantage of express entry options

Check further to see if the temple accepts special permits or priority access, especially during periods of high demand. This can be a wonderful option if you want to shorten the time it takes to get through the course. Some temples have faster access. You can utilize those to save time if you’re a traveller who wants to see a lot of sites quickly. Consult with the temple staff for more details on the best times to visit and any other recommendations for a peaceful experience.

4. Check peak hours

Determine in advance if the temple is very crowded before you go. You can carefully schedule your visit so that you arrive at a less crowded time by using this information. If you are aware of the peak tourist seasons, it will be simpler for you to plan your vacation during these quieter periods.

5. Adopt technological advancements

Numerous temples feature web-based programs with real-time crowd levels, online ticket sales for Darshan, the ability to make donations online, and the ability to seek Prasad seva. Utilize these tools to organize your trip.

6. Maintain morality

While packed temples could try your patience, it’s crucial to remain composed. Remember that everyone is looking for benefits, so have patience. Make sure you stay hydrated when visiting a religious site that involves physical exertion, such as climbing a cliff or a lot of steps, in order to preserve your physical and emotional well-being. Relative to the main rites, maintain a fair distance to avoid congestion during religious celebrations. Be mindful of other people when shooting photos and take care not to disrupt the serene mood. However, since many temples prohibit photography, visitors are required to respect the site’s etiquette.

7. Explore lesser-known temples

Consider going to any lesser-known or smaller-scale temples in the area. When the main temple is crowded, these spots are a great option because they usually offer a more quiet and private atmosphere.

In conclusion, thorough planning as well as awareness can ensure that a trip to the temple is calm and spiritually enlightening even during busy periods. Using these pointers will assist you in moving through the crowd with ease and divinity while maintaining a profound sense of peace and reverence.

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