Tesla cuts Supercharger rates in half for holidays, with a catch

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Tesla is cutting rates at Supercharging locations this summer, but only if you charge off-peak.

From Friday, December 22 to Sunday, January 7, if you charge between 9pm and 9am you’ll pay a 50 per cent lower rate.

The company says this is only at ‘select’ locations within its Supercharger network, which now has 450 stalls across Australia.

Tesla owners can use the Supercharger map on the in-car touchscreen to find the rates for each site, and therefore to find out which locations are participating.

The company says it expanded its Supercharger network by 65 per cent in 2023, though it has also been opening up these chargers to owners of electric vehicles (EVs) from other brands.

You can view an interactive map of Tesla’s Supercharger network, including which locations can be used by non-Tesla vehicles, by clicking here.

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